At Scotmaps, what we offer our customers is a comprehensive support package when competing on events we are attending. This includes (when permitted) the following:

• Route Notes wire bound in a book with a wide selection of formats. These includes colour photographs of start location and other relevant stage information

• Safety DVD with selection menu (ONLY available when purchased with item above)
• Route Note Download (ONLY available when a bound book is purchased)
• Digital DVD Download (ONLY available when bound book purchased)
• A4 Map Books for the Rally Car, Management/Auxiliary Support and Service Vehicles
• OS maps
• On-event support
• Stage & Note updates/revisions
• Competitors briefings


Note Formats

At Scotmaps, we offer one of the widest range of note formats available in the world. We have, in conjunction with users of these formats, tweeked each format to be as accurate as we can make them. All our formats can be linked back to our base system which is Std 1-9, and we have written software to convert this to the other formats we offer.
We are aware that everyone’s brain works in a different way when it comes to the use and the understanding of route notes. We therefore what to ensure as far as we can, that no competitor is put at a disadvantage when using our notes, by providing them with a format and style they are comfortable with, and within our range, most needs are catered for.
Our notes are made between 2 & 4 weeks before an event (subject to weather and access restrictions) and have a photo of the advised stage start location with a line thereon demarking the start line of the stage as we understand it to be. In the notes, we place junction boxes at the location of these in the notes, along with the distance from this junction to the finish and whether there is a radio point at the junction, as safety is paramount at all times. All the pages for each stage are number and have the note format clearly marked in the top right. At the bottom right, there is a box which contains the notes from the first line of the next page. We will always endeavour to ensure whenever possible that there are no dangerous hazards as the first call at the top, of a page

We are happy to discuss any particular or special requirements, and in the past have created notes in a Braille style format, as well as being able to provide notes for competitors with dyslexia.


DVD Information

At Scotmaps, we provide a Safety DVD of the events we are covering (unless restrictions have been applied for sensitive locations e.g. MOD sites). The note format used on these is always Std 1-9, and there is normally a menu of all the stages of an event enabling you to select which stages you wish to view initially, or you can watch the entire DVD. Our stage surveys are normally done between 2 & 4 weeks before an event (subject to weather or other restrictions on access) allowing you to view the stages as we surveyed them.
We believe every single one of our clients deserves both quality and a great service, every single time they place an order with us. We believe that DVD duplications should be the best quality, which is why we will only use Traxdata DVD-R discs made by Ritek. We have our own professional duplication facility, thus ensuring a prompt turnaround of discs when required. This service has been used by a number of commercial customers and events requiring such a service and we can cater from the smallest quantities to any large order.
On the off chance that you are not happy with your Safety DVD once you receive it, we will work with you to figure out what isn’t meeting your requirements, and replace it for you entirely free of charge. We firmly believe in what we do and stand behind our products, and guarantee that you will get the service you expect and deserve.