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NEW FOR 2023 – you can now request your “DVD” on a memory stick which enables us to increase the quality of the footage as the capacity is increased from 4.7Gb on a DVD to 16Gb on the memory stick. To request a memory stick rather than a DVD disc, please add the following to the ‘NOTES’ when placing your order. “I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A MEMORY STICK PLEASE RATHER THAN A DVD”. Plus all note orders will be sent out using a tracked service so you will always know when it has been dispatched, where it is and when it is expected to be delivered, SO PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE ENTERED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS &  MOBILE NUMBER.


When placing an order you must complete each section including “Extra Options” & “Map Books”. You must either select which option you want within these sections or if not required then select “No Extras” and/or “No Map Books” to allow your order to be placed into the basket. If you are SRC registered, then you can get a £10 discount on your Route Notes provided you place your order before close of business (5pm) on Friday 6th October 2023. You must enter the following SRC code on the ‘basket’ page, please type SRCCARLISLE2023 in the ‘coupon box’ to redeem your discount & you MUST also enter your SRC registration number in the ‘Order Notes‘ box on the ‘Checkout’ Page. This must be entered in the following format: MSUkSRC2023 followed by your number. This will enable us to verify your entitlement to the SRC discount or charge you £10 for incorrectly claiming the discount when not eligible. Failure to follow this procedure is likely to cause the discount to not be given.

Any orders placed on the Tuesday or Wednesday of the week of the rally will ONLY be sent Special Delivery.

No orders will be accepted after 4pm on the Wednesday of the week of the Rally

Claiming discount when not eligible will render penalties on subsequent orders placed.

*Extra DVD’s or notes – Please ensure any second addresses are filled in to the special instructions box when making payment along with an additional postage charge.
**International deliveries will ONLY be done by our courier TNT

Download Options:
What you are about to access is the digital option for the Safety DVD and this can only be done as a direct download service. The video files are encoded in MPeg2/m2v format. After you have downloaded the video file to your computer, the format lends itself well to most operating systems. This means it will play on any apple device and as a rule any other device there after (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, Windows and Android) but only after it has been synced with your main computer.
PC/Mac Download – Only download to a computer – please do NOT attempt to download to an iPhone, iPad or any other mobile device.
Digital download files will remain online up until the rally. Due to the large file sizes they will be removed shortly after each event.
To view these files on your computer, we recommend you use either QuickTime or VLC as a movie player for mpeg2/m2v video files.
Download QuickTime for free from here (provide link) ~ Download VLC for free from here (provide link)
If you plan to use a mobile or tablet device it is recommended that you download a PC/Mac copy to your main computer first and then synchronise the video file after with either ITunes or Android synchronisation Apps. That way you have a permanent copy on your device. It is not recommend that you download directly to your device as it is unlikely to work.
When you purchase a digital download you will be sent a confirmation email that will have a link embedded in it that will take you to the zip file at an encrypted online location. When you click on the link, this will take you to the file and this should automatically download to your download folder.
Depending on the file size, and your connection speed, we would ask you to be patient, as it could take some time to download, particularly if you do not have a high speed broadband connection. You will be able to use the file on any computer and thereafter synchronise it with either iTunes or Android devices. Due to known issues with broadband in certain areas of the UK, each transaction for a digital DVD is limited to 4 downloads. If you exceed this you will be denied access to any further downloads at this time and in the future.
Each download or attempted download is logged, and any downloads done from an email address other than that to which the link was sent, will be viewed as a breach of copyright and theft, and monetary charges will be applied as necessary as well as any other appropriate action taken.
We are also able to offer the option of being able to stream files to a mobile device later in in Mp4/m4v format, and you can order this option as an extra.

(below is a sample of what will be seen)
Speyside Rally 2020. Digital DVD Mpeg 2 £20.00 File size = 4.3 GB – 1 File (This will be the Mpeg2 format)

Speyside Rally 2020. Digital DVD Mpeg 4 £20.00 File size = 850 Mb – 1 File (This will be the Mpeg4 format)
Mac/PC Download.

Full MP2/m2v or MP4/mv4 format file for Download
(the file(s) will not be visible for direct download, and can only be accessed via a link sent to the person placing the order. This is a unique link sent to the requested email address. This cannot be accessed from more than one IP address and any attempts in doing so will cause all trying to access the file to be locked out permanently).

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Route Notes

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Route Notes Only, Route Notes + DVD, Route Notes + DVD + Digital DVD, Route Notes + DVD + Digital Notes, Route Notes + DVD + Digital DVD + Digital Notes, Route Notes + Digital DVD, Route Notes + Digital DVD + Digital Notes

Extra Options

No Extras, Add Digital Notes, Add Digital DVD, Add Extra DVD, Add Digital Notes + DVD

Map Books

No Map Books, Full Set, Rally Car, Service, Management, Rally Car + Service, Management + Service